Handing out Hugs


What a better way to spend valentines Day then spread the word of love. 

That’s exactly what Sweet Bully did on Friday, Feb. 14 at Holy Family School.

Sweet Bully is a local movement that spreads a bullying prevention message through their website and apparel.

“We wanted to hand out hugs on valentine’s Day and we thought that the school would be the perfect place to do it,” said Nikki Moritz, a Sweet Bully employee.

Moritz, along with Shannon Kuhlmann, Gaylynne Mann and Janice Halvorsan handed out “hug cards” to students. The students were asked to give the cards to fellow students in exchange for a hug.

“Love is fun,” said Moritz. “And this was tons of fun.”

The cards were handed out during lunch and students got together to help spread Sweet Bully’s message, which is to curb bullying.

“We are trying to get our message out there and get people to recognize our logo and buy our apparel to help spread the message,” said Moritz. “If it’s out of sight, it’s a out of mind so these kids and adults need to see it to believe it.”

Moritz said the Sweet Bully website is getting good response from people who have been bullied who are sharing their stories. She hopes more follow suit.

“We want them to tell their story, whether its negative or positive,” she said. We want people to understand they are not alone in their struggles. Everyone has a story and its okay to tell it.”

Moritz said Friday’s event went well.

“We want to bring love and laughter into the hearts of everybody,” she said. “What better way than to do it with kids. And after all, sweet was everyone’s beginning.”

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