Lots to have at Holy Family Springfest





Holy Family School’s 19th Annual Springfest is truly a collaborative effort, according to office secretary Elaine Walter.


Walter, who is heading up organizing the live auction for this Sunday’s event, pointed out the long list of responsibilities that are spread around school staff and volunteers.


“We have people in charge of the raffle, candy-making, soup-making, bread bowl-making, gathering over 150 gift baskets, putting together kids games and setting up displays of numerous live and silent auction items,” said Walter.


Starting Wednesday, a group of volunteers will be peeling potatoes, followed by the start of soup-making on Thursday and bread-bowl making on Saturday.


“When it’s all said and done, every family who has children in the school will be involved in some fashion with Springfest, whether by donating auction items or spending time getting ready for the big day,” added Walter.


A new and very special item available at this year’s Springfest auction is a Fontanini Heirloom Nativity. This nativity scene, named after Emanuele Fontanini, is comprised of numerous hand-crafted figurines depicting the Biblical Nativity scene.


Fontanini (1893-1977) was a famous Italian figurine craftsman who started his career as a 13-year-old apprentice to an artist in Bagni di Lucca, an area of Tuscany known for its great arts and crafts.


Today, the Fontanini family continues their forefather’s tradition of crafting the Nativities and figurines using the labor of the finest painters and sculptors in Tuscany.


Walter said, “We are very excited to have this Nativity scene. It was donated by Holy Family alumni Ron Braun, who now lives in Plymouth.”


Countless other items will be auctioned off, including a tractor and mower, a 45-minute airplane ride, a hand-made clock, a spinning wheel, large and small hand-crafted wooden benches, a unique rocking goat in the spirit of a rocking chair, a flag holder and Adirondack chairs.


“The full list of items is truly too long to fully mention. I know I’d miss so many of them if I tried,” said Walter.


“We’re truly blessed to have such incredible support from the community year after year for our Springfest. It’s so much fun to walk around on that day and see the turnout of people not only directly involved with Holy Family, but just from the town in general. It’s that type of support that helps us carry on our educational mission here year after year.”

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